The WedsSport SA-10R is a striking fusion of performance and style designed to make your vehicle stand out. With a captivating split 5-spoke design and a deep concave, these wheels redefine the aesthetics of sport-tuned cars. The 18x9.5 sizing, +45 offset, and 5x114.3 lug pattern ensure compatibility with a variety of sports cars, delivering a perfect fit for your ride.

The SA-10R features a unique Zebra Bright Black colorway, boasting a polish cut face over a black base with a light bronze clear coat. This distinctive combination adds a touch of elegance and sets your car apart from other builds, making a bold statement on the road.

Weighing only 20.3 lbs, these wheels are exceptionally lightweight, contributing to enhanced performance and agility. Crafted with precision, each SA-10R wheel strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight reduction, ensuring optimal driving dynamics.

Priced individually, the WedsSport SA-10R Wheels offer flexibility for customization. We recommend pairing them with a 245-275 width tire for the 9.5-inch width, achieving both performance and a sleek appearance.  

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