When it comes to changing the wheels on your vehicle, it is best to have the wheels remain hub centric over lug centric. What this means is that the wheel will rest on the hub rather than the lugs, providing a stable, confident steering feel. When wheels are lug centric typically you will feel movement from the wheel through your steering which can cause vague steering inputs. 

The Weds Wheels Hub Centric Center Caps solve this issue while eliminating the unsightly hub nut seen without a center cap. With multiple sizes available to fit most lug patterns, Weds has a fitment for most platforms. 

Finished in a dark black chrome finish and a black Wedssport decal, the center caps compliment any finish of Wedssport Wheels. 

Please verify your hub bore on your vehicle prior to purchasing center caps. Most 4x100 Honda/Acura chassis use 65-56mm and 5x114.3 & 5x120 Honda/Acura use 73-64mm. 

Available Sizes
65mm - 56mm
73mm - 60mm
73mm - 64mm

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