For those who care about the fine details – SpeedFactory Racing’s titanium hardware kits will make your engine bay stand out.

All hardware is machined from Ti-6Al-4V titanium. The 6-point M6 x 1.0mm bolts are 16mm long, a common size to replace many of the 10mm headed bolts found in the engine bay, or other places as well. Washers, also made from Ti, feature a laser-etched SpeedFactory Racing logo.

As the name “Fender Hardware” suggests, these kits are typically used to replace the OEM hardware fender mounting hardware that is found under the hood. However, there are many other possibilities in the engine compartment, some include the hardware used to mount hoods, headlights, radiators, master cylinder reservoirs, etc.

Available in natural raw or burnt finishes. Available in a set of 6, or sold individually to accommodate special quantity needs.   

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