The SpeedFactory Racing 70mm Thermal Throttle Body Gasket is designed to be used with all common aftermarket cast 68-70mm throttle bodies. Are you tired of the undersized, ill-fitting, and often low quality gaskets that are provided with these throttle bodies or other thermal gaskets that suffer from some of the same issues? We have the solution. We addressed all of these issues - our gasket offers precise fitment and a true 70mm bore. If you want a true bolt-on & go reusable thermal gasket solution that requires no modifications or tedious “aligning” to try and get the gasket to not hang out into the bore, this is your choice. You can be confident that our gasket is the best available in quality and value! SpeedFactory Thermal Throttle Body Gasket Features: True 70mm bore diameter for maximum airflow Direct & accurate fitment with all common aftermarket cast 68-70mm throttle bodies Completely reusable with no difficult and messy mating surface cleanup required Reduced heat transfer = more power, reduced detonation SpeedFactory Thermal Throttle Body Gasket Qualities: High conformability and resilience allowing the gasket to conform to irregular, rough, and even warped mating surfaces and still provide a secure seal Extreme chemical resistance, unaffected by petrochemicals Excellent thermal insulation properties High melting temperature (over 500*F)Long life, doesn’t dry out and get brittle or crack  

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