SpeedFactory Racing offers this stainless steel manifold stud kit as a cost effective alternative to its titanium counterparts. This kit gives many of the same benefits, primarily a fresh set of hardware, at the expense of a few extra grams. 

This stainless steel hardware is significantly stronger than the OEM material while being resistant to corrosion and rust. Oftentimes studs will take a beating when fitting or removing the intake or exhaust manifold, especially if performed with the engine in-car. Stainless steel hardware can withstand greater abuse without deforming threads, in addition, the lack of rust buildup will make it easy to service the intake/exhaust when needed – a big plus for those living in harsh climates.

The kit comes with stainless steel nuts and washers that provide excellent clamping force, allowing the intake or exhaust to be properly torqued for a leak-free operation.

See stud measurement guide for details to determine which stud length will best suit your application.

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