Speed Factory 10AN Mega Flow Fuel rails are CNC machined from 6061-t6 billet aluminum, then added black anodized finish for improved durability and corrosion resistance. The large bore measures 0.806", which helps dampen pressure from fuel injectors. Combined with the featured -10 ORB inlet/outlets and Viton O-rings, the rails can handle even the most aggressive setups, up to 2000+hp. Angled OEM fuel pressure regulator mounting provision for bolt-on applications that helps with intake manifold runner clearance. Compatible with ethanol and methanol fuels. 

-Always make sure to thoroughly flush out any new fuel system components before use to make sure you do not get debris into your fuel injectors.
-Always check for fuel leaks before starting the engine.
-Replace all crush washers, o-rings, cushion rings, seal rings, and insulators when the fuel rail is disassembled. 
-Different combinations of fuel injectors, adaptors, and intake manifolds require various spacers/adaptors/o-rings/etc for proper installation. This is a normal part of setting up your fuel system and you will need to figure out the appropriate parts for your specific combination.  

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