Taking what they learned from their masterpiece of the previous generation, RV6 is now applying the same exhaust craftsmanship to the latest models of CTR & Integra Type-S. These models run into the same problem as seen on there predecessors - the stock 2.37” OD mid pipe is too restrictive. Turbocharged engines need room to breathe. That’s why RV6 immediately got to work on an improvement. 

The result is a Mid Pipe made of 3.0” OD tubing to let the K-Series flow freely. This is a direct replacement that can be combined with the factory exhaust or any aftermarket system. The routing and hanger location remains the same. 

This Mid Pipe is made from 304 stainless tubing, end to end. The flanges, hanger, everything down to the double lined interlock flexpipe is stainless steel to maintain a quality finish, even when subjected to harsh conditions. The system is hand welded by master welders, not before it is back purged to ensure the welds look as good on the inside as the outside.

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