Upgrade your Honda Civic's suspension with the RV6 Performance Rear Camber Arms, crafted for exceptional performance and control on the road or track. This kit is compatible with a range of Honda Civic models from 2016 to the latest iterations, as well as select Acura Integra models from 2023 onwards.

This set replaces both the left and right rear lower control arms found in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) setup. Unlike the stock lower control arms which lack adjustability, our RV6 Performance arms offer the flexibility of camber adjustments at the rear tires. Whether you're seeking to fine-tune your vehicle's handling to your personal preferences or need to accommodate changes in suspension geometry resulting from adjustments such as lowering with springs or coilovers, the RV6 Rear Camber Arms provide the essential solution.

These arms feature a durable wrinkle red finish and are equipped with adjustable heim joints at the subframe connection ends, facilitating precise camber tuning. Furthermore, RV6 provides all the necessary hardware for mounting each arm securely to the subframe, rear knuckles, and sway bar end links. To streamline the adjustment process, two wrenches are included, ensuring hassle-free length adjustments whenever necessary.  

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