The Rago Fabrication 4th Gen Tacoma Bed Channel Stiffeners address the common issue of rear composite bed channels cracking under the stress of camper shells, racks, and off-road conditions. These stiffeners reinforce with a 3/16-inch stiffener and a 3/16-inch backing plate, bolstering the channels with an additional ⅛-inch of steel for unmatched rigidity. The top of the brackets offers convenient accessory mounting locations, perfect for attaching a whip flag, light pod, or antenna. Crafted from high-quality American steel and finished in a durable 2-stage hammer black powder coat, these robust brackets ensure maximum strength and longevity, empowering you to take on any adventure confidently. Please note that installation requires some drilling, and using a Step Bit (Unibit) is crucial to prevent cracking.

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