PTP Turbo Blankets Subaru WRX/STi SR-Glass Turbo Blanket isolate the heat produced by your turbocharger to reduce turbo lag, cooler air intake temperatures, protecting and prolonging vital under-hood components (up to 60% under hood heat reduction), and giving a boost in horsepower. In keeping the exhaust gases within the turbocharger hot, turbocharger efficiency is improved. Also, by keeping the heat of the exhaust gases contained within the hot side of the turbocharger and away from the cool side of the turbocharger and the intake path, more oxygen per unit volume reaches the engine. Thus, more power can be achieved. 

The PTP Fiberglass Turbo Blankets are constructed with a silicone-impregnated fiberglass outer layer (Rated 600°F Direct Heat / 1100°F Radiant Heat) and internally insulated with high-temperature calcium magnesium silicate wool (Rated 1832°F Continuous / 2300°F Peak) overlaid with a high-temperature stainless steel mesh for increased durability and improved thermal resistance. Every PTP Turbo Blanket is hand-crafted in North America, and quality is guaranteed. PTP Turbo Blankets is well known in the heat insulation industry for its high material selection, design, and construction standards. Our materials are on the cutting edge of heat insulation technology. With the growing amount of imitation turbo blankets on the market, it's important to note many of them are manufactured using inferior materials for construction. Imitation turbo blankets can be ineffective, or worse, they can be dangerous if flammable materials are used. 

The PTP SR-Glass Turbo Blanket for the 2002-2014 Subaru WRX and WRX STi is available in black, red, and blue to compliment any build. 

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