The PracWorks K Series Carbon Intake Manifold is the ultimate upgrade for your engine that screams power and style! This bad boy is designed to take your ride to the next level, available in black or red anodized parts with a sleek polished carbon fiber finish.

Crafted with dry carbon construction and featuring billet 6061-T6 flanges, this powerhouse is not just about looks—it's about performance. Dyno-tested to deliver a whopping 10-15hp gains compared to the RRC Intake Manifold, you'll feel the difference with every rev.

Ideal for the street or the track, this beast is designed for mid to high-rpm power gains. With a 6-liter plenum volume and safe for boosted engines up to 70psi, there's no stopping the thrill. And here's the kicker - it's compatible with both K20 and K24 engines, making it a versatile choice for any enthusiast. Plus, with a 3-in-1 bolt pattern on the throttle flange, fitting is a breeze.

But wait, there's more! You won't need to relocate your power steering pump, and it's compatible with your stock K-series fuel rail. Plus, it comes with a DC/PracWorks billet fuel rail featuring -8ORB on both ends and an M14X1.5 center hole, ensuring top-notch performance every time.

And let's not forget the cool factor - the elliptical carbon bell design adds that extra touch of style that'll make heads turn wherever you go.

So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Upgrade to the PracWorks K Series Carbon Intake Manifold and unleash the power within your engine like never before!  

Dry carbon construction
Billet 6061-T6 flanges
Dyno tested to make 10-15hp gains compared to RRC Intake Manifold
Designed for mid to high rpm power gains
6-liter plenum volume
Safe on boosted engine up to 70psi
3-in-1 bolt pattern on throttle flange (PRB/RBC/J37) up to 76mm
Compatible with stock K-series fuel rail
Comes with DC/PRACWORKS billet fuel rail comes with -8ORB on both ends and M14X1.5 center hole
Comes with coolant adapter to suit both K20 and K24 head  

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