Upgrade your 02-06 RSX or 01-05 Civic with the PCI RSX Rear Upper Adjustable Camber Arm, a premium offering from Pro Car Innovations (PCI). With a 3" longer arm than factory specifications, this camber arm enhances roll center movement during bumps, minimizing understeer, and optimizing rotation by reducing roll center drop during cornering and body roll. The extended adjustability allows for precise suspension tuning, reducing wheel alignment changes and eliminating unwanted suspension deflection. Recognizing the importance of correct suspension geometry on the RSX/Civic, especially considering their unique factory suspension setup, PCI ensures this product is not only long-lasting and maintenance-free but also fully rebuildable. Elevate your driving experience by fine-tuning your suspension with the PCI RSX Rear Upper Adjustable Camber Arm for improved performance and handling.  

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