Upgrade your 1996-2000 Honda Civic's performance with the Pro Car Innovations (PCI) Aluminum Front Lower Compliance Spherical Bearing Kit. By replacing the factory rubber bushings, this kit eradicates issues like sloppy steering, alignment changes, and uneven steering pull during braking and acceleration. Pushing your car to its limits reveals the true value of PCI’s Spherical Bearing Kit, making it indispensable for hard driving and competitive use.

Experience a remarkable improvement in steering and braking response, ensuring a more controlled and precise driving experience. The kit allows for meticulous suspension adjustments, providing enthusiasts with the flexibility to fine-tune their setup. Say goodbye to wheel alignment changes caused by sagging rubber bushings, and eliminate unwanted suspension deflection for a more stable ride.

Crafted for longevity and minimal maintenance, this kit features replaceable bearings, ensuring a lasting investment. Designed to withstand very high loading in extreme racing environments, PCI's Aluminum Front Lower Compliance Spherical Bearing Kit is the ideal choice for those seeking uncompromising performance and reliability. Upgrade your Civic's suspension dynamics and navigate every curve with confidence.  

CNC machined 6061 aluminum housings
CNC machined stainless steel spacers
High-quality spherical bearings
Double o-ring sealed
Anodized housings
Laser etched logo  

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