Revamp your high-performance or track-centric Integra or Civic with the Pro Car Innovations (PCI) Steering Tie Rods—an essential upgrade tailored to tackle the intensified demands brought by larger tires, aggressive braking, drag launches, and reduced ride heights accompanying increased horsepower. The factory tie rod wasn't crafted to navigate these extremes, making the PCI tie rods a vital enhancement for unlocking peak performance.  

Not only do these tie rods address increased loads, but they also possess the unique ability to correct bump steer—a common issue when adjusting ball joints and caster. Modifying these components can lead to toe-out or toe-in conditions, creating handling challenges. PCI's adjustable tie rods offer the perfect solution, providing just the right amount of adjustment to tune out bump steer issues. Whether you're pushing the limits on the track or unleashing high horsepower, PCI's Steering Tie Rods ensure optimal performance and precise control for your vehicle.  

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