Elevate the driving experience in your 1988-2000 Civic, CRX, or Integra with the Pro Car Innovations Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Kit. Meticulously crafted with CNC Machined 6061/2024 construction, this masterpiece embodies PCI's commitment to performance excellence. Correcting tow link angles for improved tow curves on lowered cars, this product not only enhances braking response but also allows for softer rear springs, transforming your vehicle's dynamics. Eliminating unwanted suspension deflection, PCI's creation is a low-cost, fully rebuildable solution that withstands even the harshest environments. The corrosion-resistant zinc-plated Grade 10.9 hardware ensures longevity and easy maintenance, making it a wise investment. With a laser-etched logo proudly displaying the PCI mark of quality, this product is designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and a lasting impact on your driving adventures. The installation of the product does require drilling for proper assembly. 

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