If you've recently upgraded to larger tires, you're probably grappling with issues like decreased performance, lower fuel efficiency, and that frustrating transmission gear "hunting." It's no mystery – those bigger tires are nudging your engine's RPMs below the optimal power band. The solution? A Nitro gear change. By re-gearing the differentials in your vehicle, you bring it back into the sweet spot of its optimal operating RPM range, not only improving performance but also alleviating strain on your drivetrain. This becomes particularly crucial for modern vehicles with towering factory gearing and overdrive transmissions, less forgiving to changes in tire size or the extra weight of accessories.

Contrary to popular belief, gear changes aren't reserved exclusively for off-road enthusiasts or trucks sporting massive tires. Re-gearing stands as one of the most impactful modifications you can make, whether you're cruising your daily-driven 4x4 or tackling more adventurous terrain. This modification caters to anyone with larger tires, added weight, or those seeking enhanced performance for towing or quicker acceleration on stock vehicles.

Understanding the challenges faced by the average consumer or install shop in compiling the necessary parts and prices for a gear change, Nitro Gear & Axle steps in with an industry first – "Gear Packages" tailored for numerous popular 4x4 Fits. It's simple: one part number, one price, and just one click away. Nitro Gear makes it effortless for everyone to access the benefits of a gear change, ensuring that your vehicle performs at its peak with unmatched ease.  

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