This K-Swap Electronics Package includes all major wiring components needed to get your swapped engine running. Check wiring off the list and save in the process.  

Intended for K-swapping an EK Civic 1999-2000, this kit offers a plug & play solution to get your engine, ECU, and chassis wiring connected. This is suitable for vehicles with a K20A/A2 engine and matching ECU.

A Rywire engine wiring harness connects to your K20A/A2, use with other engine models is possible, but may require changing sensors or connectors. The harness plugs into our K-series Swap Conversion Harness and your ECU. This allows the ECU to connect to vital input/outputs on the engine but also facilitates outputs to the instrument cluster and power from the chassis harness. This is a simple, user-friendly wiring solution that has powered 1000’s of K-swapped Hondas worldwide.  

Our ground kit is included to help avoid all kinds of headaches associated with poor grounding, some of these might be premature failure of electronics and faulty sensor readings.  

Rywire K-Series Budget Tucked Harness Version 2   

Rywire harnesses are hard to match in terms of quality. They are made with all new materials including OEM quality connectors for a sure fit. Every pin is pneumatically crimped, meaning if pulled, the wire itself will yield before the crimped connection fails. Harnesses are finished in an expandable loom and connectors are labeled for ease of installation. All connections are 100% quality tested pin to pin. 

This particular Rywire V2 Tucked Harness is suitable for both RHD and LHD (Left Hand Drive) vehicles. Version 2 is routed in a way that allows for more aggressive headers. The “Budget” version of this harness is comparable to the “K2 Mil-spec” harness with the primary difference being the type of wire and sheathing used – the Budget version features an expandable woven loom exterior.

Hybrid Racing K-Series Swap Conversion Wiring Harness    

This Conversion Harness is made with connectors, terminals, and wire sourced from the same company that Honda uses for their harnesses. These parts are ordered in bulk from Japan and ensure that you will get a brand-new product that will work perfectly with the Rywire harness and your K-series ECU.   

There’s a reason why the Hybrid Racing Conversion Harness is the most widely used on the market, it’s intuitive to install and makes a K-series seem as though it came in your car from the factory. Full functionality of the instrument cluster is retained. A provision for the necessary wideband o2 sensor is built in.  

Plus, no core exchange is required - we send you a brand-new harness.

Hybrid Racing K-Series Swap Ground Kit  

Ground kits give you some extra slack when running ground wires so you don’t have to fool around with cutting and splicing to get everything connected.  

Good ground connections are arguably the most important part of any electrical system. Without them, there's no way for current to flow. Being confident that your wiring is properly grounded is critical when it's time to troubleshoot problems with any fuel injected car. Obviously, this is even more important in the case of an engine swapped vehicle, where any number of electrical issues could arise.   

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