The 00-08 Honda S2000 clutch master cylinder is a popular upgrade for 90’s models because it is designed with the fluid reservoir attached to the aluminum housing, rather than having it remote mounted. This looks a whole lot cleaner but is also easier to service and more reliable as there is less plumbing that can leak.

NISSIN supplies CMCs and CSCs to Honda. These parts are tried & true and have proven to be the most reliable options for your clutch release system. At Hybrid Racing, we recommend using nothing less for your build.   

We produce the necessary parts to make the S2000 CMC work with EG/EK/DC2 chassis. Along with a brand-new NISSIN master cylinder, you will get a spacer that corrects the rod and clevis length discrepancy. Spacers are machined aluminum and come with a foam seal to prevent debris from entering the cabin. A K-swap Clutch Line connects the new master cylinder to your K20Z2/Z3 clutch slave cylinder. This is needed because the stock clutch line will not mate up to the slave cylinder on the K-series transmission. All clutch lines have a vinyl cover to protect the outside and a PTFE liner to make them compatible with all clutch fluids. Note: This hose is only for left hand drive vehicles.     

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