Polyurethane Bushings Set of 2 in the stiffness of your choosing. Designed to Fit Innovative Mounts Only. Makes minimal physical contact With the Mounting Bracket or chassis.

Tapered shape to prevent binding between the Chassis and Mounting Bracket or chassis. All Replacement bushings are designed the shape but With different stiffness.

Up to 250HP 60A Red

You may find it difficult to push Replacement bushings in yourself. Innovative Mounts bushings are fitted into their corresponding Mounts in-house With a specialized Arbor Press. We do offer to push in Replacement bushings if the Mounts are delivered to us.

Bushing Stiffness:
  • 60a Red Recommended for light driving conditions.
  • 75a Black Recommended for most daily Driver vehicles. Standard for all H/F Series Engines.
  • 85a Grey Designed for Drivers seeking a mostly solid Mount kit.
  • 95a Red Designed for the track and Drivers seeking a solid Mount kit.

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