The Innovative Mounts B90050 Engine Mount Kit is designed to allow you to drop a K-Series engine into your 96-00 Civic and retain the factory subframe. Use this mount kit if you are looking to install a K20 or K24 engine into your EK/EJ Civic. Please note these mounts do not work with K24 transmissions. These mounts provide the optimal amount of ground clearance to ensure your oil pan does not get damaged. In addition, each product is hand-assembled and inspected before being packaged and shipped. Like all Hybrid Racing products, Innovative Mounts are used on our personal cars and are abused regularly. We are positive you will be excited not only about your mounts but about the service you receive from us. With a devout devotion to customer service and support, we have built a customer base that expands the globe.

What is different about these mounts compared to other kits?
The real differences come in the form of comfort when driving and ease of installation. Each mount features no-tear tapered polyurethane bushings. This taper eliminates interference between the mount and chassis minimizing vibration throughout the car. Factory mounts are usually made of thin gauge metal stamped and partially inserted with a rubber material. The rubber usually has two or more sections that meet in the center to hold the center pin. These sections do not hold the motor firmly and are prone to break under severe driving conditions and/or when used in performance applications. The Innovative mounts use a unique polyurethane bushing, unlike other kits on the market. The bushings are solid, will never wear or break, and come with a lifetime warranty!

So how do you choose what stiffness you need for your application? 
The options available are as follows:
75A Street Black – Street bushings are recommended to 80% of our customers. This is the most popular street bushing that combines high durability with a high level of comfort.
85A Track Grey - Track bushings should be used in cars that see the track more than the street, or cars that have a significant increase in horsepower.
95A Extreme Dark Red - Extreme bushings should be used in racing cars only. These are near solid and offer minimal engine movement.  
Solid Billet No Bushing - The most extreme and should only be used on true racecars, such as drag or dirt track cars. 

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