Conversion Engine Mount Kit for the 1992-1995 Honda Civic (EG/EH/EJ) & 1994-2001 Acura Integra (DC)Designed to fit the stock manual or automatic Civic EG/EH/EJ & Integra DC when converting to an H-Series engine with manual transmission.

NOTE: In order to use the engine mount from this kit you will need to use the 92-01 Prelude H-Series engine timing belt post mount. Honda Part Number:11910-P13-000.This swap will need the T-Bracket from either the 90-93 Accord DX/LX (EX will not work) or the 92-96 Prelude V6. 

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that all installs be done by a mechanic or automotive specialist. Mounts CANNOT be returned or swapped out after they have been bolted down (revealing bolt impressions). PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS KIT FITS YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE BOLTING THEM IN PLACE. Innovative Engine Mounts are built for performance driving. Although Innovative's bushings are made to absorb engine vibration, you may still notice slight vibration depending on your engine's series and HP. Innovative Mounts removes the dampening oil containers harbored by OEM/Stock mounts. By switching to stiffer mounts without the fluid reduces wheel hop and increases driving response.  

Drivetrain options: Right Axle - 90-93 Integra. You must use a Prelude/Accord inner CV joint in order for the axle to lock into the transmission. The inner spline shaft is slightly longer for the Prelude/Accord than the Integra. A 90-93 Integra shaft and outer CV will work with the prelude inner. Left Axle - 1990 Manual Accord Intermediate Shaft or Alternatively: Left & Right Axles - 90-93 Integra (with Prelude inner cv joint on the right axle). 

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