We put together this kit which includes major components needed to connect you, the driver, to your K-series transmission, with some serious shifting gear in between. Our adapter allows the RSX Short Shifter Assembly (V3) to bolt into an EG/EK/DC chassis. This style of shifter mounts on top of the exhaust tunnel, rather than under as in factory arrangement. 

To keep this a 100% Hybrid Racing kit, our Performance Shifter Cables are included which are sized appropriately to run through the firewall for a floor-mounted shifter. Beyond simply connecting the shifter to the trans, they are of superior build quality to OEM units.

We take our shifters seriously.

The perfect shifter gives tactile feedback while not feeling ‘stuck’ in or between gears. We understood this years ago when we developed our first RSX Short Shifter. The combination of meticulous design, quality parts, and rigorous testing would help us achieve this shifter feel. Now on the 3rd iteration, we have once again built upon the original design to meet the ever-growing demands of modern K-swap applications.  

The V3 RSX Short Shifter switches to an internal spring, rather than an outboard design like on the V2. This provides the resistance and can be swapped for a stiffer/lighter spring to match the driver’s preferences. The four-link design makes shift movement feel crisp while keeping parts to a minimum. Keeping things simple is a theme throughout the entire assembly, both for weight and reliability. The steel frame that it sits on is stronger and lighter than ever.    

Driver-centric design.

You adjust your seat and steering wheel (maybe even pedalbox) to make yourself comfortable while you drive; this is needed for proper control of the vehicle. A shifter is no different. Adjustability is a focus when designing all of our shifters as all drivers will set up their cockpit differently. The knob is height adjustable to 1” lower than stock or 2” taller. In addition, an offset attachment allows the knob to be rotated 360°, bringing it closer or farther from the steering wheel.  

To make this a true ‘short’ shifter, users are able to adjust the throw (10-50% reduction over OEM RSX). Not only this, but you can adjust gate spacing as well (left-right shifter motion). These are adjusted independently, meaning you can tailor it to your liking: short throw – short gate, long throw – short gate, etc.      

A good-looking shifter.   

Our objective has always been to make the best performing shifter possible, but in the process, we have also made them look pretty awesome. Part of this comes from the elegance of modern design practices, the other from our attention to detail. Aluminum parts receive a three-step finishing and anodizing process while the steel frame is powder coated black. The shift levers are made from stainless steel to avoid corrosion and keep your shifter shining. While looks aren’t the primary goal, it’s hard to say our shifters look any less than show-quality – especially when topped off with a Hybrid Racing Maxim Shift Knob!    

Shifter Cables

These cables are essentially the same as the cables we make for RSX chassis; however, they are a few inches shorter, offering a more direct and unimpeded run from the shifter to the transmission. They will need to be run through the interior and exit at the heater core hole in the firewall, OR through a hole you create. To make routing easier, they have a max bend radius of 5” and can withstand 225°F.  

Another notable feature is upgraded stainless steel swivel support tubes (OEM are plastic) known to break on the factory cables. All of the rod ends and mounting bushings are CNC machined 6061 aluminum. 

What is included with these shifter cables? 

Aside from 2 shifter cables, each shifter cable set includes two cotter pins and two shifter cable spring clips. Be sure to purchase two more if you do not have them since each cable system will require 4.    

Shifter Mounting Plate   

The Shifter Plate makes this kit possible without fabrication. It is CNC machined out of an aluminum billet and finished in Dust Black. The base also includes a rubber seal to prevent water, dirt, and fumes from entering the cabin. Two small holes need to be drilled to make this fit, similar to our no-cut style shifter.   

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