At Hybrid Racing, we believe the recipe for perfect parts is the result of an elegant balance of form and function. We selected three K-series parts that individually fit this description, but when combined, elevate the experience.  

The Hybrid Racing Valve Cover Trifecta

Our Slimloc™ Dipstick and V2 Oil Cap share a sleek, low-profile design that offers more clearance from valve cover to hood. Inspired by the aerospace industry, these work in tandem to make servicing the oil system a breeze - both are designed with flip-up handles to aid in rapid installation or removal.   

To round out the aesthetic, our V2 Formula Coil Pack Cover is constructed from aluminum and powder coated in Dust Black for a smooth semi-gloss finish. “Formula” in the name is a nod to Honda’s racing heritage. The laser cut pattern reflects the theme of some of their historic Formula One engines. Note: Dipstick and Oil Cap available in Black or Red, Coil Pack Cover only comes in Dust Black. 

If you have spent time and money making your valve cover look the way you want, top it off with some awesome Hybrid Racing parts!   

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