If you want to take your intake system to the next level, this bundle is Stage 1, but with the addition of a ZDX J37 throttle body and necessary parts to run it on your 8th gen Si.

Not an ordinary cold air intake

What makes our intake system stand out is the countless hours of designing, testing, and refining that went into making it. Getting the material right was an important starting place. The main body of the intake tube is made from ¼” thick fiberglass-reinforced silicone. This makes it sturdy enough to handle engine vacuum while being compliant enough to maneuver during installation without marring anything in the process. In addition to not scratching up the bay, silicone will insulate your intake charge better than any type of metal or plastic, meaning you will have colder IATs – colder, denser air means more power.

How much power can be gained? We are proud to say this intake system boasts a 14HP gain in peak power and 9HP average gain across the rev range. Compared with similar aftermarket cold air intakes, we saw gains of 2-3HP with a much smoother power delivery, meaning more power and better drivability. Air is taken in from the left side fender well via an air filter & velocity stack. From here, it travels through 3.5” diameter tubing that is large enough for any setup, from totally stock to high-lift cams and huge exhausts.

In order to make way for the new, larger CAI system, we came up with a tray that tucks the battery under the intake tube, next to the transmission, providing ample space. This cleans up the engine compartment, making way for other accessories/mods, if needed. We also provide a silicone upper radiator hose to give improved clearance over stock.

Built-in Anti-hydrolock bypass! 

A hydrolock condition is a concern when installing a cold air intake on an 8th gen Si. We came up with a creative solution; an air bypass manifold. This serves a number of functions in addition to avoiding the dreaded hydrolock that is a concern for those in wet climates. The injection molded piece acts as a mounting point for the factory MAF and (provided) silicone tube from the valve cover breather. It will bypass air in the event the air filter becomes saturated. 

We tested the bypass valve by totally submerging an air filter in a bucket of water and running the motor. Even when submerged, the engine idled and rev'd safely without hydrolocking. Of course, we still advise practicing caution when going through deep water in any car!    

Honda ZDX Throttle Body & Hybrid Racing Adapter  

Your Si comes equipped with a very capable intake manifold from Honda. With our Cold Air Intake, the only remaining restriction is the factory K20Z3 throttle body. Honda’s V6 J37 throttle body is about 15mm larger on the inlet side and 10mm larger on the outlet (intake manifold side). This provides an additional 2-10HP on top of the gains from the CAI, with improved throttle response. Enjoy a healthy increase in flow without ruining the ability to modulate the throttle (with too large of an TB). From a ZDX, the J37 throttle body is an OEM Honda part which ensures reliability and quality. A Silicone coupler is provided to accommodate the larger TB inlet.  

Hybrid Racing’s ZDX Throttle Body Adapter allows the TB to be a bolt on affair. For best results, users will need to port match their RBC intake manifold to accommodate for the larger TB bore size. Included thermal gaskets (for both sides) reduce heat transfer, making for a cooler air charge. In addition, the kit includes hardware and a vacuum fitting for the purge control valve solenoid.    

Hybrid Racing Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket.

To ensure you won’t have any leaks, we provide an intake manifold gasket. This is a high-quality Hybrid Racing Thermal Gasket that exceed OEM quality. It is machined from a thermal-resistant polymer, preventing heat transfer from the cylinder head to the intake manifold. 

Hondata FlashPro to dial it in   

To get the performance benefits of our Cold Air Intake System, you will need tuning. Luckily, Hondata’s FlashPro Manager software comes with 56 built in calibrations for mods such as our intake and ZDX throttle body, but also much more. The FlashPro allows you to connect your laptop to your Honda’s diagnostic port, enabling you to tune for things such as intakes, headers, exhausts, and camshafts.  

The FlashPro allows you or your tuner to adjust fuel, ignition, and other maps, plus everything can be logged. Give yourself a tuning solution that will support your build as it evolves. With the recently added live capabilities, reflashing has never been quicker and easier.    

Install Guide:

Performance Air Intake

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