Rev up your 8th Gen Civic Si with the Hondata FlashPro and Hybrid Racing Cold Air Intake bundle, and experience the remarkable power and performance gains that await you. As the Hybrid Racing Cold Air Intake requires the need for a tune, we knew it was a necessary to offer this intake with the true and trusted Hondata FlashPro. Now you can receive the Hybrid Racing Intake and FlashPro and immediately feel the difference in power!

Big tube, big power! 
We're thrilled to unveil our meticulously crafted performance bundle designed specifically for the 8th Gen Civic Si platform. This remarkable bundle combines the Hondata FlashPro and Hybrid Racing Cold Air Intake (06-11 Civic Si) to offer an exceptional entry-level intake upgrade for your 2006-2011 Civic Si. Enthusiasts can anticipate substantial gains from this powerful duo.  Our engineers invested countless hours into the design, testing, and refinement of this intake system to ensure it stands as the absolute best choice for your 8th Gen Civic Si. Whether your setup is bone stock or tuned with high-lift cams and an extensive exhaust, this intake is engineered to deliver impressive performance gains. To illustrate its effectiveness, we've included dyno graphs showcasing its superiority. For instance, we observed a remarkable 14hp peak gain and a consistent 9hp average gain compared to the stock airbox. When pitted against competing 3.5" cold air intakes, it displayed typical peak and average gains of approximately 2-3hp while offering a smoother power band, resulting in enhanced power and drivability.

One of the standout features of this intake is its construction from full silicone. The 1/4" thick fiberglass-reinforced silicone tubing is not only robust enough to withstand engine vacuum but also provides excellent insulation for your intake charge, surpassing metal or plastic intakes. This leads to significantly colder intake air temperatures, resulting in a denser air charge and enhanced overall power. Another power-boosting element is the included 6" velocity stack, designed to reduce inlet restrictions and facilitate greater airflow into your engine, further enhancing power output.  

Built-in Anti-hydrolock bypass! 
The kit incorporates an injection-molded air bypass manifold, which serves multiple functions. It accommodates attachment points for the factory MAF and the included silicone tubing, which connects to the factory valve cover vent and air bypass valve. What sets it apart is the built-in air bypass feature, ensuring that air is allowed into the engine when the intake filter becomes wet, effectively preventing hydro-lock, even in heavy rain. We advise caution when navigating deep water in any vehicle. 

Another significant advantage of the bypass manifold is the reduction of parasitic Helmholtz resonance, enhancing the power band's smoothness. The result is an intake system that, on average, delivers up to 14hp more than the stock airbox and even outperforms other 3.5" intakes by an additional 2-3 horsepower. The kit also includes a powder-coated steel battery tray for relocating the battery in front of the transmission to accommodate the substantial piping. Moreover, a silicone upper radiator hose replaces the OEM rubber valve cover breather and air bypass tube, lending your engine bay a cleaner, more refined appearance. All the necessary hardware, including bolts and hose clamps, is provided to make installation hassle-free. 

Please note that tuning is essential for this performance bundle to unlock its full potential. You'll need tuning software like Hondata's FlashPro to optimize your vehicle's performance after installation. We recommend using MAP tunes exclusively and avoiding the factory ECU calibration. This kit is sold as a complete package and is not offered as individual components.    

Install Guide:

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