Why should you upgrade your Map sensor?

The Hondata 4 Bar Map Sensor is a critical performance upgrade for your S2000, R18, or L15B Turbo Civic. This plug-and-play sensor replaces the factory map sensor and allows for accurate measurement of boost levels up to 58 PSI (4 bar). With the Hondata 4 Bar Map Sensor, engine management systems such as the Hondata K-Pro or FlashPro can adjust fuel and ignition maps with precision, resulting in improved performance and power gains.  

please note that the L15B Turbo requires two MAP sensors.

Install Guide:

How do I configure my software for the 4 Bar sensor?

SManager and KManager - the settings are found in the 'Parameters' window under 'MAP'.
FlashPro - in the 'Calibration' window under 'Sensors'.

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