The B Series has long been the go-to upgrade for most enthusiasts. With it throaty induction noise and smooth powerband it was always destined to be great. The Hybrid Racing Honda Civic/Acura Integra B Series Complete Shifter Upgrade helps bring that greatness a step further by combining our ever-popular B Series shifter with the Shifter Rod Bushings and Innovative Mounts Replacement B Series Shift Linkages. A surefire upgrade for any Civic or Integra. 

Dialed In
With our two-piece rod and sleeve design, you can adjust the throw from the comfort of your seat; no need to get under your car to make changes. The adjustments don't stop there. Dial-in your knob position by raising and lowering the knob height up to two inches and rotating the offset a full 360 degrees. All of these adjustments add up to a fully customizable short shifter solution all done from inside your car.

For over a year, we tested and examined the most popular B-Series shifters and realized that when placed at the optimal shift height the throw is over 90% longer than a stock OEM GS-R shifter, effectively becoming LONG shifters. We engineered a solution that does not compromise a shorter shift for optimal knob position. With our shifter set to its shortest throw setting, we achieved a throw that is 40% shorter than an OEM dual-bend shifter.  

One of the most radical features of our shifter is the top-mount rigid base. The rigid base is machined from 6061 aluminum and houses a spherical bearing which allows for smooth operation; eliminating all of the OEM plastic bushings. This design enables us to raise the pivot point allowing us to achieve short shifts at higher knob positions. The added stability of the rigid base keeps shifts tight and direct while racing.

Small, Yet Mighty
Hybrid Racing solid shift linkage bushings are a cost-effective and simple way to increase the rigidity and remove unwanted movement from the stock Honda B-Series linkage. Honda uses rubber bushings in their linkages because it's a cost-effective way to reduce the noise and dampen vibrations that get transmitted into the cabin. Our solid linkage bushings are machined from 6061 billet aluminum and then put through our three-stage finishing process before being laser etched. This kit of the front and rear linkage bushings includes all of the hardware needed to install. 

Please note that by installing these bushings you are removing the rubber inserts that dampen noise and vibrations. Solid bushings can increase the vibrations that are transmitted into the cabin and can increase the chances of rattling audible noises. We recommend installing these in cars that are raced or tracked often.  

Ever Connected
Innovative Mounts Shift Linkages for the 1992-2000 Honda Civic (EJ/EH/EG/EK) & 1990-2001 Acura Integra (DA/DB/DC). Designed to fit the fifth/sixth gen. Honda EJ/EH/EG/EK and second/third gen. Acura DA/DB/DC chassis when converting to a B-Series engine. Innovative Mount's B-Series Shift Linkages connect the shifter to the shift fork mechanism, translating the motion of the gear shifter. Our B-Series shift linkages are custom-made to fit your engine swap! Our solid state-of-the-art construction makes the Innovative Shift Linkage a must-have for any B-Swap!   

What's Included
  • Hybrid Racing B/D Series Shifter - Black or Red
  • Hybrid Racing Shifter Rod Bushings Set
  • Innovative Mounts B Series Shift Linkages

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