The Hawk Performance RSX Type S, Civic Si, S2000 DTC-30 Race Front Brake Pads are engineered to redefine your motorsports experience with unmatched performance and reliability. These race-oriented brake pads are meticulously crafted to excel in the demanding conditions of the track, providing you with the confidence and control needed to push your vehicle to its limits. Experience consistent and smooth braking performance, ensuring precise control over your braking system throughout your racing endeavors. Benefit from good cold effectiveness, allowing for optimal performance even in lower temperature conditions. This ensures that you have the responsiveness and control you need from the moment you hit the track, giving you a competitive edge from start to finish. It's important to note that the DTC-30 Race Front Brake Pads are not compatible with carbon ceramic rotors but rather optimized for Iron/Metal rotors, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance in motorsports applications. 

Width 5.32" 
Height 2.07" 
Thickness .16"

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