The Hawk Performance 17-21 Honda Civic Type R HPS 5.0 Front Brake Pad offers aggressive torque and increased stopping power. These brake pads offer improved performance, allowing you to navigate confidently and handle emergencies with ease and safety. Engineered with a focus on rotor and pad wear life, the HPS 5.0 Front Brake Pads ensure extended durability while preserving the integrity of your braking system. This rotor-friendly design reduces maintenance costs and enhances the longevity of your brakes, ensuring consistent performance and reliability mile after mile. The rotors offer a seamless transition between braking and acceleration, thanks to these pads' consistent brake release characteristics. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable driving experience, whether cruising through city streets or tackling winding country roads. 

Width 5.19" 
Height 3.04" 
Thickness .15" 

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