Hasport FCRR Performance Rear Mount

The Hasport FCRR is an essential aftermarket modification for the 2016-2021 Honda Civic. It is compatible with all models, including the Type R, and all transmissions. Its primary function is to improve the performance and handling of the vehicle.

The Hasport mount enhances the overall driving experience by providing a firmer and more direct feel. Keeping the engine in place under hard acceleration eliminates wheel hop and traction loss. Additionally, this mount prevents aftermarket downpipes from hitting the subframe while under load.

This mount is a direct replacement for the factory mount and is an easy, bolt-on upgrade that can be done with minimal effort.

Bushing Stiffness Options

Hasport engine mounts are available in four different urethane hardness levels: 62A, 70A, 88A, and 94A.

  • 62A polyurethane is suitable for a streetcar and offers a ride quality closer to stock, as it will transfer less engine vibration to the chassis for a more comfortable ride.
  • 70A polyurethane is for the customer that seeks to occasionally drive their build on the track.
  • 88A is the stiffest polyurethane bushing that Hasport offers and is designed with dedicated track use in mind.
  • 94A is for those seeking to build an extreme track dedicated car.

Keep in mind the stiffer the bushing the more vibration will be transferred into the chassis. Higher durometer bushings are not recommended for street cars as it will put more strain on all other components of the car.

Install Guide:

Tools Required

  • Phillips and flat head screwdriver to take some parts off the bottom
  • pick tool for getting out body clips
  • 10mm wrench
  • 17mm socket to pull out the main motor mount
  • 19mm ratcheting box to quickly pull out the engine
  • A hammer to put the new mount in place. It is a tight fit!

Hasport FCRR Installation Steps

  • Jack the car high enough to swing a mallet
  • Use a soft base mallet, free of metal pieces, so as not to mar the aluminum mount
  • Remove the aluminum panel, using 6 quarter turn screws and 2 Phillips head screws
  • Remove the shield to access the motor mount bolt
  • Remove the rear mount bolts
  • Back out the through bolt until it is against the header
  • Pull the mount downwards and slide it out
  • Be careful not to loosen the bolt so much that the ratchet wrench can't be removed
  • Slide the new Hasport mount into place
  • Back up the through bolt until it is against the header
  • Reattach the rear mount bolts
  • Replace the shield to cover the motor mount bolt
  • Replace the aluminum panel, using 6 quarter turn screws and 2 Phillips head screws

Hasport FCRR Installation Video

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