The Hasport Weld-In Replacement Bracket is a versatile solution designed for B or D-series powered cars equipped with manual transmissions, including the AWD B-series CRV transmission. This bracket serves as an essential component for seamlessly restoring your previously K, J, or H-swapped car back for use with the original engine. The installation process is made straightforward by accurately locating the bracket using a 6mm bolt-hole present on all chassis. Once positioned, a simple welding process ensures a secure fit, providing the stability needed for optimal performance. After welding, the locating tab on the bracket can be conveniently removed, resulting in a cleaner and more streamlined installation.

Beyond restoration purposes, this bracket opens up possibilities for converting automatic chassis, specifically the 92-95 Civic or 94-01 Integra, for manual transmission. Its versatility and precision engineering make it a valuable addition for those seeking enhanced control and performance in their vehicles. Elevate your driving experience with the Hasport Weld-In Replacement Bracket, a reliable solution tailored to the demands of high-performance manual transmissions.  

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