DC SPORTS performance Exhaust system for the Nissan 370Z is constructed from premium 3” T-304 Stainless steel, mandrel bent piping with a brushed finish. All exhaust systems are designed to bolt directly to your OEM equipment with no modifications needed allowing for a quick and easy bolt-on installation.  Designed with ground clearance in mind, you can navigate your environment with the comfort of knowing your exhaust system is going to allow for optimal clearance no matter the road surface.This exhaust systems utilize our straight-through, race inspired canister muffler design, guaranteeing a deeper exhaust note with unrestricted performance. We then pair that muffler with a 4.5” single wall exhaust tip that comes in polished and burnt color options, for a much more aesthetically appealing exhaust over stock.  

Install Guide:

  1. Utilizing a flat work area (preferably on concrete), jack up the car and support the car on jack stands under the frame support points. (Refer to your owner’s manual) DO NOT USE THE JACK TO SUPPORT THE CAR WHILE WORKING UNDERNEATH! 
2. Remove the four nuts holding the muffler piece to the mid pipes. 
3. Using an exhaust hanger removal tool remove the 3 rubber hangers holding the muffler piece to the car. 
4. Remove the 2 nuts holding the mid pipe to the y pipe. 
5. Use the exhaust hanger removal tool to remove the 2-rubber hangers holding the mid pipes to the car. 
6. Install DC Sports mid pipe onto y pipe. Make sure to use provided gasket. Hand tighten the nuts to the y pipe studs. 
7. Install the muffler rubber hanger onto the DC sports muffler piece. 
8. Slide exhaust clamp onto the end of the mid pipe. 
9. Install muffler piece onto car by inserting rubber hanger onto car’s hanger and making sure the exhaust pipe slips into the mid pipe. 
10. Insert rubber hanger onto the DC Sports mid pipe and tighten the nuts from the mid pipe to the y pipe. 
11. Make sure mid pipe or muffler piece do not rub on anything and tighten down exhaust clamp. 
12. RECHECK ALL YOUR WORK. If exhaust system looks off loosen clamps and adjust. Tighten clamps back down afterward. 
13. Lower the car off the jack stands and start the engine and check for exhaust leaks. 
14. After approximately 500 miles (800km) re-check the exhaust system bolts and nuts and tighten as necessary  

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