The OEM Subaru pitch mounts are made from weak plastic with soft rubber bushing which are known for their premature wear. This wear leads to excessive back-and-forth rocking of your engine and trans under acceleration & braking. Another downside of the OEM pitch mount, is they are known to break under the load of higher horsepower vehicles.

DC SPORTS Billet Pitch Mounts allow you to solve both problems. Its billet 6061 Aluminum construction removes the need to worry about the pitch mount breaking under extreme load. 75-durometer, high quality, urethane bushings with stainless steel sleeves combat engine movement while still allowing for a smooth ride. Each mount is then anodized and finished off with a DC Sports Logo.  

Install Guide:

1. Remove two (2) M8 bolts from evap lines (photo A) 
2. Remove two (2) M6 bolts from stock air tube. (Photo B) 
3. Remove two (2) M8 bolts securing the OEM intercooler. (photo C) 
4. Remove two (2) m8 bolts securing OEM blow off valve to the intercooler. Be careful not to drop the gasket between the two. (photo D) 
5. Loosen clamps on both the throttle body coupler and the lower intake tube. (photo E) 
6. Carefully remove intercooler from the engine bay. 
7. Remove M6 bolt securing the ac line mounting bracket. Once removed carefully pull the AC line and bracket forward, DO NOT bend the line. (photo F)
 8. Loosen and remove two (2) m10 bolts for the OEM pitch mount. Remove pitch mount (PHOTO G) 
9. Apply a small amount of provided grease to the outside of each bushing. 
10. Install DC SPORTS pitch mount, reusing OEM hardware 
11. Re install AC line 
12. Re install Intercooler. 
13. Re install OEM blow off valve, be sure that gasket is rei installed. 

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