DC Sports CS-2 Front Upper Strut Bar is a quick and easy way to improve the handling of your 05-10 Scion TC. Tying together both strut towers allows for significantly reduced chassis flex and improved handling around corners and over uneven roads. Unlike multi-piece aluminum strut bars that need to be constantly readjusted and retightened, DC Sports Struts Bars incorporate a single-piece, steel design. This design ensures precise fitment that eliminates the need for retightening or adjustment in the future.  

Dual bar design
Carbon steel   

Install Guide:

1. Remove two (2) clips on the left side and two (2) clips on the right side windshield plastic cover 
 2. Remove the two (2) corner clips on each side under the rubber hood seal .
3. Remove the two (2) inner 10mm nuts on the left side shock tower and the two (2) inner 10mm nuts on the right side shock tower. You will have to raise the front of the vehicle to lower the shock studs in order to remove the rear inner nuts. 
4. Install the DC Sports Strut Tower Bar over the inner studs and re-install the original 10mm nuts and tighten (Torque: 6.0 kg-m, 43 lb-ft). You can now lower the front of the car. 
5. Re-install the four (4) original clips that secure the windshield plastic cover to the chassis. 
6. Re-install the two (2) original clips under the rubber hood seal by inserting into the rubber hood seal first and then secure the clips to the chassis 

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