DC Sports 4-1 Ceramic Header for the 16-18 Scion iM/ 09-14 Matrix chassis is constructed from quality T-409, mandrel bent stainless steel piping and CNC machined flanges. Every header is tig welded by hand, both outside and inside of any joints. Larger than stock diameter piping, mandrel bends, and equal-length primary runners ensure a smooth and unstructured path for exhaust gases. This leads to improved HP and TQ throughout your entire power band.  Ceramic coated to reduce under hood temps and combats corrosive road conditions, our coating will continue to provide protection at temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.   

Install Guide:

  1. Remove dust cover on windshield wiper arms, then loosen and remove the M10 (14mm) nuts that secure the wipers down. Wiggle the wiper arms to loosen them from the mounts and remove. 
2. Remove the plastic cowl garnish by popping out the two (2) plastic pins, one on each corner. 
3. Unplug the windshield wiper motor harness. Remove the two M6 (10mm) bolts that secure the wiper motor down and slide out to remove. 
4. Remove the metal support shield and bracket by loosening the nine (9) M6 (10mm) bolts. Slide out the metal support bracket.
 5. Loosen and remove secondary 02 sensors on B-pipe, then remove two 12mm bolts that secure center floor brace underneath vehicle. 6. Remove the four (4) 14mm (M10) spring bolts (two fronts and two rears) that secure the B-pipe. Then unhook the 3 rubber hangers and remove B-pipe from vehicle. 
7. Loosen and remove one M10 (14mm) bolt under the header that secures header to support bracket that bolts to the block. 
8. Remove OEM manifold upper heat shield by loosening and removing the four M8 (12mm) bolts that secure the heat shield to the factory exhaust manifold. 
9. Remove the three (3) 14mm bolts on the bracket that secures the OEM exhaust manifold to the block and remove bracket. 
10. Unplug O2 sensor harness and push aside. Then remove the five M8 (12mm) that bolt the exhaust manifold to the header. Hint: if you remove the lower heat shield on the OEM header it will be easier to remove the manifold from the vehicle. 
11. Lower factory exhaust manifold off of the studs and remove factory exhaust manifold. Take care as not to damage the original exhaust manifold gasket as it will be re-used. 
12. Transfer O2 sensor from OEM manifold to DC header with an O2 sensor wrench. Use anti-seize to prevent cross-threading and make sure sensor is clean and anti-seize does not get into the sensor ports. 
13. Remove original donut gasket off of factory exhaust manifold and replace onto the DC header. 
14. With exhaust manifold gasket in its proper place, carefully guide the DC header onto the studs, and then install original five (5) 8mm nuts. Tighten (Torque: 16 lb-ft / 21 N-m) starting with the middle and working out. 
15. Reinstall and tighten (Torque: 32 lb-ft / 43 N-m) three (3) 14mm bolts onto support bracket that secures header to engine block. 
16. Make sure the original donut gasket is in place then reinstall B-pipe to the 3 rubber hangers and tighten (Torque: 32 lb-ft / 43 N-m) the 4 spring bolts into place. (2 fronts and 2 rears) Reinstall secondary 02 sensor and tighten securely. 
17. Reinstall center floor brace and tighten. (Torque: 22 lb-ft / 30 N-m) 
18. Replace metal support bracket up top with the nine (9) 10mm bolts (Torque: 4.8 lb-ft / 6.5 N-m) 
19. Reinstall wiper arm motor and tighten bolts in place. (Torque: 4.1 lb-ft / 5.5 N-m) and plug back in harness connector. 
20. Reinstall plastic cowl garnish and secure with the two plastic push pins 
21. Reinstall the windshield wiper arms in the correct position and tighten the 14mm nuts. (Torque: 19 lb-ft / 26 N-m) 
22. Re-check all your work. 
23. Lower the car off the jack stands and start the engine and check for exhaust leaks. 
24. After approximately 500 miles (800 km), re-check the system nuts and bolts and tighten as necessary. 
PRE-CARE MAINTENANCE: To prevent permanent staining of your new DC Sports Header, wipe the header clean with a solution of mild detergent and water. Any contaminants left on the header such as grease, oil, and/or fingerprints will result in PERMANENT staining.  

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