The Brian Crower Dual Valve Springs meet the demands of high-performance applications for Honda/Acura K20A, K20Z3, K24A2, F20C, and F22C engines. The valve springs are engineered for high RPM operation, thanks to the highest grade, super clean, chrome silicone alloy being used. With proprietary processing procedures ensuring consistent pressures, these valve springs guarantee reliable performance under the most demanding conditions. Available as springs only, or with retainers with or without seats, they provide flexibility to suit various engine configurations and preferences. For enhanced durability and streetability, steel retainers are offered as an option, providing peace of mind for enthusiasts seeking both performance and longevity. Elevate your engine's performance and reliability with the Brian Crower Dual Valve Springs, the ultimate choice for high-performance builds.  

Free Length - 2.025"
Seat - 1.590" @ 80 lbs
Open - 1.110" @ 250 lbs
Coil Bind - 1.030"
Retainer - BC2011
Spring Seat - BC2904
Net Cam Lift - 0.550" / 13.97mm  

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