BLOX Racing is pleased to introduce its SL Sport Muffler with a double-wall tip. These performance mufflers are constructed completely out of stainless steel and feature T304 stainless steel piping, T409 stainless steel perforated cores, and T430 stainless steel woven mesh. The result is a high-performance muffler that can withstand temperatures up to 800 F° while still providing straight-through performance and power. The first SL Sport Muffler to be released with a tip, the stylish double-wall exhaust tip is slant-cut at 75°.  

BLOX Racing SL Sport Mufflers with DWT are available in matte black and brushed silver and come in 2.25", 2.5", and 3" piping. Although these mufflers are universal, they also feature the convenience of being reversible for custom fabrication projects and installations.  All BLOX Racing SL Sport Mufflers feature handsome, embossed logos and emit deep/low exhaust notes. The Matte Black mufflers feature a high-temperature coating that resists fading and flaking and minimizes unwanted attention.  

SL Sport Muffler w/Angled Tip Specs Overall Length = 22” Overall Width = 8.75" Height = 5.5" Inlet Sizes = 2.25" / 2.5" / 3.0" Brushed silver dry weight = 10.8lbs (2.25"), 10.6lbs (2.5"/3.0") Matte black dry weight = 11.2lbs (2.25"), 10.9lbs (2.5"), 10.6lbs (3.0") Tip spec: 75° slant cut, double wall Tip length = 5.5" Material = T304, TIG-welded T409 perforated cores.

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