Blox Racing’s Performance Air Filter Kit is a universal fit and provides a 5” high-flow dry element filter, composite velocity stack, and silicone hose coupler - everything for a simple and straightforward install. Kits are dyno-proven to increase horsepower and torque. 

This “shorty” version of the 7” performance air filter breathes just as well, but offers additional space to those with a cramped engine compartment. Blox Conical filters clean up the look of your engine bay and give additional real estate for other modifications. The 5” filter is best for those that need every additional inch, or just like the look of a stubby filter. 

Blox Racing Performance air filters pass intake air through a high-flow, dry element filter. Wet-type filters use oil, meaning anything in your intake system, including sensors, will be coated in oil. 

Velocity stacks can be found on the intake of modern sport bikes. The reason? They provide a smooth stream of cold air, increasing peak power by eliminating restrictions and boosting low-end torque by optimizing air delivery at low rpm. The bell mouth shape reduces air turbulence in the intake compared to a straight tube. 

Red velocity stack available in 3.5” neck size only.

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