Blox Racing is happy to reintroduce its LS VTEC Conversion Kit that allows VTEC on a B18 or B20 Non-VTEC engine block with a B16A-B18C1-5 DOHC VTEC cylinder head. This kit allows DIY’ers and engine builders to get the benefits of Honda’s variable valve lift without an expensive bill from the machine shop. Dowels are provided to accurately mate the cylinder head to the block. 

Honda’s famous VTEC system adds significant horsepower and torque. In order to run this valve train, additional oil will need to be routed to the head. An oil filter sandwich plate is used to offer a provision from the block. From here, oil passes through a stainless steel line to a fitting on the cylinder head. The line features hydraulically crimped fittings, offering far better reliability than a reusable-type hose end.

Pair with Blox Racing camshafts and valvetrain for a fully-built, high-power cylinder head. This kit also adds a ⅛ NPT provision for oil lines to a turbocharger, oil pressure sensor, or other accessories; simply plug if not needed.  

Optional 81mm and 84mm Head Gaskets are also available with the kit. 

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