This is the crown jewel of all exhaust systems for the SCION FR-S / Subaru BRZ! This beautiful piece of craftsmanship ~ art ~ is 100% hand-made and hand-welded out of Grade 1 titanium. Grade 1 is the purest form commercially available. This titanium unit features a single 61mm (OD) pipe that feeds into true-dual 51mm (OD) tubing, before exiting the rear. Although this system is hand-made, each one constructed still shows the same consistency and precision as its T304 counterpart. Multiple slithers of titanium were pieced and welded together to form the bends in the piping. No words can really explain the true skill and craftsmanship involved and the resulting beauty of the welds. The system also features laser-cut titanium exhaust flanges that measure 8mm thick and dual canisters with slip-fit 109mm oval tips. Fits both manual and automatic transmissions. Designed in Japan for BLOX Racing. FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY DO NOT WRAP TITANIUM HEADERS or EXHAUST GR1 Ti Exhaust System Specs Grade 1 titanium material Handmade piecut bends Hand TIG welding Laser cut 8mm Ti flanges Pipe size: 60mm OD to dual 51mm OD Material Attributes Purest form of titanium Highest strength and density Better heat transformation Highest ductility Excellent corrosion resistance Excellent welding properties High impact toughness Non-magnetic Extremely lightweight Vehicle Applications 2013-2016 SCION FR-S 2017+ Toyota 86 2013-2017 Subaru BRZ

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