Blox Racing Fuel Management Units are designed to increase the engine fuel pressure, as the pressure in the intake manifold increases. With additional fuel, the engine operates properly increases performance even more. Features 12:1 and 10:1 ratios and different finishes to best fit your vehicle. 

Install Guide:

. Disconnect the battery and release the pressure in the fuel system. Using a Phillips screwdriver take off the mounting bracket and use as a template to mark and drill 2-holes in the firewall to mount the BLOX FMU. 
2. Attach ¼” hose (not supplied) to the 90º barbed brass fitting (inlet side) of the BLOX FMU and secure with the supplied clamp. 
3. Disconnect the factory fuel regulator line from the bottom of the fuel regulator and connect it to the straight barbed brass fitting (outlet side) securing it with the original clamp. 
4. Attach the free end of the ¼” hose (inlet side) to the bottom of the factory regulator and secure it with the supplied clamp. 
5. Attach the 5/32” vacuum line and Tee (not supplied) to the 90º fitting on the top of the BLOX FMU and attach it to the vacuum line of the factory fuel pressure regulator. 
6. Make sure all connections are secure reattach the battery and re-pressurize the fuel system. 
7. Start the car and check for leaks.

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