BLOX Racing extended wheel studs are manufactured from high-strength, forged alloy steel.  These extended wheel studs are designed and intended to be used with BLOX Racing open-ended lug nuts on racing slicks or when wheel spacers are required. BLOX Racing wheel studs are all heat-treated and coated and withstand the rigors of acceleration loads and lateral forces. Extended wheel studs are available in sets of 16-pc and single-pieces. 

Wheel Stud Specs 
Honda Fitment 
  • Thread pitch: 12X1.5MM 
  • Total length: 78MM 
  • Thread length: 51MM 
  • Head height: 8.7MM 
  • Head diameter: 9.6MM 
  • Knurl diameter: 12.3MM 
  • Knurl length: 6.5MM 
  • Base diameter: 17.5MM 
  • Base thickness: 4.6MM

 Note: Wheel studs must properly be pressed in using a mechanical or hydraulic press.

Thread Pitch - 12X1.5MM 
Total Length - 78MM 
Thread Length - 51MM 
Head Height - 8.7MM 
Head Diameter - 9.6MM
Knurl Diameter - 12.3MM
Knurl Length - 6.5MM 
Base Diameter - 17.5MM 
Base Thickness - 4.6MM  

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