A high performance throttle body is a must if you want a throttle response so sharp it will be only second to the reaction of a skilled driver. As the throttle body is a gateway to the engine's power producing cycle, a high performance throttle body not only  allows you to minimize the delay between drivers input and response of the system, but also to extract even more performance out of other engine mods. BLOX Racing K-series dual-pattern throttle bodies are manufactured from precision machined billet aluminum and designed to fit both PRB/PRC and RBC/RRC intake manifolds without a throttle body adapter plate. The larger (available 70mm and 72 mm bore sizes) provide increased incoming airflow which results in a sharp throttle response and helps develop additional horsepower and torque. Enhanced throttle springs provide crisp response each time the engine is revved. Units are anodized for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance and are available in black and silver finishes. The IACV can be used or blocked off for full race applications. Throttle bodies include hardware and new gasket. All factory sensors can be reused without any modifications. Throttle bodies include gasket and mounting hardware. K-series TPS sold separately (PN BXIM-10401 or BXIM-10401-V2).   

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