BLOX Racing Tuner Series camshafts are designed and manufactured using OEM-spec, chill-cast camshaft cores.  Tuner Series Type-A camshafts: Ideal for stock to mild engine builds.Upgraded valvetrain is not necessary, but is always recommended. Tuner Series Type-B camshafts: Uses same profile as BXCM-10121Ideal for mild to highly modified engine builds and have also been proven ideal for certain turbocharged engine builds.Upgraded valvetrain is required. Tuner Series Type-C camshafts: Uses same profile as BXCM-10124Ideal for highly modified to full-race engine builds.  Tuner Series Type-C camshafts are ideal for high compression engines.Upgraded valvetrain is required. Tuner Type-A Cam Specs INTAKE: 247° / 0.462”  EXHAUST: 239° / 0.420” Product Spec Sheet / Install Instructions TYPE-A Tuner Type-B Cam Specs INTAKE: 266° / 0.489”  EXHAUST: 266° / 0.472” Product Spec Sheet / Install Instructions TYPE-B Tuner Type-C Cam Specs INTAKE: 268° / 0.481” EXHAUST: 264° / 0.458” Product Spec Sheet / Install Instructions TYPE-C BXCM-10101 Stage 1 SAME AS BXCM-10107 Type A BXCM-10102 Stage 2 SAME AS BXCM-10106 Type B BXCM-10105 Stage 3 SAME AS BXCM-10108 Type C BXCM-10104 HSL SAME AS BXCM-10123 HSL

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