Experience a smarter, more connected drive with the Zestek CANbus Steering Hub, a cutting-edge addition to your 2023 Honda Civic Type R—an essential upgrade for any FL5 enthusiast. Stay in control, stay connected, and elevate your driving dynamics with Zestek's advanced steering technology. This innovative hub seamlessly integrates Controller Area Network (CANbus) technology, offering real-time data and intelligent control features directly from your steering wheel. The Zestek hub comes with a quick-release connection helping create not only a stylish appearance thanks to the carbon fiber construction but an easier-to-navigate interior space. 

 Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free plug-and-play installation, as the Zestek CANbus Steering Hub effortlessly communicates with your vehicle's onboard systems and can all be configured using their desktop software. Navigate through a user-friendly interface and take advantage of features like customizable buttons, enabling you to control various functions without taking your hands off the wheel, as well as over 16 million colors possible from the backlit LEDs. The illuminated buttons add a touch of style and functionality to your driving experience, enhancing both aesthetics and usability. The steering hub does not come with a racing wheel. 

This is the Zestek OEM HUB - compatible with your factory car and electronics. 

Programmable and Lockable Buttons  
Maintains Button Lock State upon Reboot
16 Million Color RGB Lighting
Knobs with Analog Voltage Output via CAN
Supports arbitrary rate switching   

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