The Whiteline Rear Adjustable Toe Arms (KTA260) for the 2016-2021 Honda Civic, including the Civic Si and Civic Type-R, are designed to provide precise toe adjustment for the rear suspension. On lowered vehicles, achieving the desired camber setting can be challenging due to the lack of factory toe adjustment. These toe arms allow for up to 60mm of adjustment, ensuring accurate alignment for improved tire wear on the street or maximum performance on the track. The heavy-duty design provides additional rigidity and maintains the set angle under loads. The threaded turn buckle design allows for precise setting of critical angles, and the arms are fitted with maintenance-free bushings for long service life.

Allows up to 60mm of precise toe adjustment, heavy-duty design, threaded turn buckle, maintenance-free bushings

Install Guide:

Ensure the vehicle is securely lifted and supported. Remove the existing rear toe arms and replace them with the Whiteline Rear Adjustable Toe Arms. Adjust the toe settings as needed and tighten all bolts to the manufacturer's torque specifications.

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