The Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway Bar (BHR36XZ) is designed to enhance the handling and performance of your Acura Integra (1993-2001) and Honda Civic (1992-1995). Initially focused on providing cost-effective handling improvements through anti-sway bars, Whiteline has expanded its product line to include a wide range of performance suspension parts. These parts include replacement and performance polyurethane suspension bushing kits, anti-lift/caster kits, roll adjuster kits, adjustable control arms, camber kits, and strut and chassis bracing. Developed by dedicated enthusiasts and rigorously tested, Whiteline Suspension Parts are engineered to maximize handling benefits and provide a more predictable driving experience.

22mm diameter, high-quality construction

Install Guide:

Ensure the vehicle is securely lifted and supported. Remove the existing rear sway bar and replace it with the Whiteline 22mm Rear Sway Bar. Tighten all bolts to the manufacturer's torque specifications.

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