It's time to down-size those large OE wheels that come standard on the 10th and 11th Gen Honda Civic Type R. The 18" WedsSport TC105X is not only smaller, it's lighter, and looks better. Much lighter at that, only 16.9 lbs for a 18x9! The TC105X is a single piece wheel made through Weds' Advanced Metal Forming technique , that in 5x120 lug pattern used on the FK8, FL5, and DE5 chassis helps redefine performance and style. 

With this set of 18x9.0 +45 wheels we recommend 245 to 265 width tires. The TC105X incorporates a 10-spoke design and comes finished in titanium coloration for a racey new look. Tailored specifically for the FK8/FK5 Honda Civic Type R & DE5 Type S, each TC105X wheel is a blend of form and function aiming for overall lightness. The aggressive look of these wheels enhances the sporty aesthetic of your Type R/Type S, making a bold statement on the road.  

Wheels are priced individually and compatible with other chassis that use 5x120 lug patterns, such as BMW and Tesla Model S.     

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