Whether you're a track day enthusiast craving that extra edge in performance or a street driver looking to turn heads, the Verus Engineering P10 Rear Wing is the ultimate upgrade for your Honda Civic Type R. Engineered for improved efficiency, reduced drag, and increased downforce, it is the perfect exterior upgrade for the FK8. 

Designed with a revolutionary approach, our team at Verus Engineering started from scratch, utilizing cutting-edge technology, including ANSYS' adjoint solver, to craft an airfoil profile that maximizes efficiency and downforce. The result? A rear wing that not only boasts a sleek new profile but also significantly increases rear downforce while retaining the factory uprights.

Verus has considered every detail, ensuring seamless integration with your vehicle by designing the wing to bolt directly onto the OEM uprights. This means you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced aerodynamics without compromising on fit or ease of installation.

Crafted from high-quality 2x2 Twill Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber, the P10 rear wing looks stunning and delivers tangible performance benefits. Thanks to this advanced material, the new center element shaves off an impressive 2 pounds compared to the factory component without sacrificing durability or structural integrity.

But performance isn't the only focus here - we've also paid attention to the finer details. The Verus Engineering rear wing undergoes rigorous CFD validation and optimization, ensuring optimal aerodynamic performance on both the track and the street. Plus, with a sleek automotive high-gloss clear coat finish and stainless hardware throughout, this wing performs like a champ and looks the part, too.  

2x2 Twill Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
2x2 Twill Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Hardware Cover
Automotive High-Gloss Clear Coat
Stainless Hardware Throughout  

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