Upgrade your 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T, 2023+ Acura Integra 1.5T, or 2018+ Honda Accord 1.5T with the Two Step Performance High Efficiency Downpipe. This downpipe is one of the most effective modifications you can make to increase the efficiency and performance of Honda's 1.5L turbo engine. Designed to fit seamlessly with both factory and most aftermarket exhaust systems, this downpipe does not require a tune to run, though you will see the best gains with tuning software. Plus, it won’t trigger a Check Engine Light. If you want to pair the downpipe with tuning software, check these out: Hondata FlashPro or KTuner V2.0!

The High Efficiency Downpipe promotes optimal airflow with virtually no turbulence, thanks to its advanced design. It features 304 stainless steel investment cast ends, CNC pocketed for a smooth transition to a 4.5" OD, 400 CPSI GESi G-Sport catalytic converter. This catalytic converter is formulated specifically for small displacement direct injection vehicles, ensuring optimal exhaust flow. The wide shape of the cast inlet smoothly blends the turbine outlet and wastegate gases, reducing restriction, while the cast outlet allows for a smooth taper to aftermarket and/or factory front pipes. Each kit includes gaskets, stainless hardware, and all necessary components for a seamless installation.

This downpipe increases power and exhaust flow throughout the entire powerband and decreases backpressure and cooler exhaust gas temperatures. All components are fully back-purged on-site to withstand high exhaust gas temperatures, ensuring durability and long-term performance. While the downpipe is robust, it's important to note that any exhaust components damaged due to being coated, heat-wrapped, or otherwise insulated are not covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty, as these treatments can accelerate material degradation. The downpipe comes with a 24-month warranty covering all welding.

Enhance your vehicle’s performance with the Two Step Performance High Efficiency Downpipe and experience the difference in power and efficiency.  

304 Stainless Steel
4.5" OD
400 CPSI GESi G-Sport Catalytic Converter
No Check Engine Light
No Tune Required

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